Taifun SQLite extension. Importing DB in Companion

I’m trying to debug my app in the Companion now.
Companion version is 1.5.3
Smartphone - Xiaomi redmi 5a(Android 8.1)
Taifun extension version - 2, 2021_10_09

I want to get a list of SQLite db tables by simple sql request “SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type =“table”” in Taifun’s example app (I have slightly modified it)

When I run this select it returns “anroid_metada”.
It looks like the extension tried to import db from /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/‘packageName’/files/Chinook_Sqlite.sqlite , and in the same time I can see db file is stored at /storage/emulated/0/Kodular/assets/Chinook_Sqlite.sqlite
Again this issue is Companion related, if I run apk it works correctly.

Is there a way to directly set the full name of the imported db file?

thank you for your tests…
let me check, what went wrong for the companion app on Android devices < Android 10

I was assuming, that Kodular now uses the same logic as App Inventor for the companion app on older devices, i.e. the path ApplicationSpecificDirectory() + "/Kodular/assets/" + fileName
however it looks like Kodular still uses the old logic, which is /storage/emulated/0/Kodular/assets/" + fileName

Version 2a of the sqlite exension now again uses that old logic…
you can download the new version from the download folder…


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The extension works correctly on my device now. Thanks a lot!

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