TaifunFile Extension - Error copying file

I know there are several posts about this extension, but I haven’t found the solution to the problem I’m facing.

Even using “ApplicationStorageDirectory” (ASD), I’m having trouble saving a selected image in imagepicker.

As my original app has a huge amount of blocks, I created a small app to test the creation and deletion of the ASD, as well as the recording and deletion of an image coming from the imagepicker.

But even in this simple app, when I create the ASD, it doesn’t shows up in the file manager, and when I try to create the desired img file, it doesn’t get created either.

Another thing…

When I click on the button to delete the ASD, and then on the button to check if it exists, the response always is positive.

I’m using version 14 of the TaifunFile extension.

Below are my blocks.

Can anyone help me please?

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excellent! :+1:

not all file manager apps are able to display the ASD of your app (or the companion app)…
use Total Commander for that…

the latest verison is version 14a as of Dec 17th ,2021

Hey Taifun…

I don’t know why in the test app the ASD is created correctly, but in the final app (the app with large amount of blocks), the ASD is not created.

In reality I realized that the extension tries to create the ASD in a different way, and from what I understand Android is not allowing it.

The correct location for creation would be in /storage/emulated/0/Android/Data/…, but it is trying to create in /storage/emulated/999/Android/Data/… (it is changing folder “0” by another called “999”).

Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

Did you create another user profile on your device? Which device and Android version are you using for your tests? Did you try another device?

You are fantastic! Genius!

I didn’t create another profile, but I have 2 installations of the app (I used the xiaomi dual app).

To see if that was the problem, I created a second install of the app created for testing, and the “error” also happened.

I didn’t realize that the problem only happened on the second installation.

In fact then it is not an error, but the ASD of the second installation.

But now I have another doubt, because it seems to me that the ASD “0” is created correctly, but I don’t remember that the “999” was also created.

Shouldn’t the extension create a folder for each installation?

I’m going to redo my tests here to check if the second folder is created or not.

Thanks again.

The file extension is only able to work with /storage/emulated/0, but not with other Installations… sorry…

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thank you very much for your explanations.

Have a great 2023

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