Test Ad Not showing

Hello iam setting optimized ecpm in google admanager

I set optimized in designer & also in blocks

The error message shows empty like this in notifier

@Anu10 any idea??

Same problem ads not showing

Is this issue is for every user who set optimized…??

then we need to inform the kodular team…

Not showing test ads added blocks like this but not solved the problum

There’s an issue with test ads on some devices which be fixed in the upcoming update (I’ll have more details to share soon)
Thanks for your understanding

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Ok will wait for the next update hope the download compoent issue also fixed


Hello Test ads not showing still

It showing error message no response from validation system (Only First Time App open second time onwords it shows blank notifier erorr message)

checked more than 4 Devices​:+1:

Ads not showing in more devices also checked before it was fine the problum facing after ecpm update