Before my ads is showing now is not showing?

hello i get approved monetization from c.kodular and i got 2 click and today ads not showing what is the problem ?

First, please change topic from koded apps to discuss
Second your problem not from kodular it is from your company ads( I main company that is you are using it in your app ), try contact with him.

is google ad manger ( admob )

Screenshot is taken from My Kodular → Reporting.

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This does not mean that the problem is from kodular

He is looking for support from Kodular that is why he posted here.

Are you 100% sure?

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I do not think that the problem is with kodelar because it is one of the Premium Users because it does not need to request to display ads, and the problem will be largely from google ad manger. I don’t know if you understand what I mean or not

In the end, he has to check his account on google ad manager to make sure that there are no problems

This doesn’t even matter, there is nothing he can do from his Child Account.

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Read 2nd point from image.

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Problem with Google Ad Manager is that there is no streamlined way to get support from Kodular.
Users supposed to post on community & community replies “Kodular has nothing to do with it” but in reality Kodular has everything to do with it.
If blocks & App ID are correct then Ads should work.
After this user can’t do much because he doesn’t have much control over it.

yes thats it…
after ecpm update test ads also not showing in optimized

is this only for tesr ads ? real ads are showing in optimized tottally confused still waiting for a staff replay regarding this…

hi maybe my blocks are wrong ?

Yes, I think so.
Did you set ecpm? You did not load interstitial ads.
Did you even check it in test mode before uploading to Play Store?
You are trying to show ads in a web viewer app, people says it is against google policies

  1. eCPM is Optimized
  2. i put interstitial load u can see on the blocks
  3. i didnt publish it on play store
  4. i see very much app with webviewer and i dont think is against the rules.

You need to set optimized in blocks also then load ads

I have the same problem. Now the ads are not shown, before with the same blocks the ads were shown perfectly.

These are my blocks.