Text box must not be emply!

what block do i use in the else ?
the text box 1 must be filled otherwise will not continue.
please photo for the blocks



The “else” part is for you to code the statements that will happen if your TextBox is not empty. So far so good, you may continue!

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Thia is the place where you can write the code to connect the text box text( the purpose of textbox not to be empty)to next level

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thank u 4 reply
i’ve 4 of text boxes ,it did work on the 1st on but when i leave other boxes empty it goes to next screen

what i’m doing wrong !

Only if all 4 textboxes are empty, then you display 4 different notifiers at the sane time…

Use an if then elseif statement like this

If textbox 1 is empty
Then show notifier please enter textbox1
Else if textbox 2 is empty
Then show notifier please enter textbox2


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thank U so much ,worked …

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