Textbox "enter" pressed

Hey :slight_smile:
I am trying to create a “discription-textbox” that has more than just 1 line (Multiline). But the Problem is, that I can’t create a “Enter-Pressed-Listener” because if you press enter on your keyboard you create only a new line inside the textbox and it didn’t get seen as a “Enter-Pressed” .
Is there a solution for that?

Try to use like when textbox lost/got focus, but i never tried it.

Just tell what you want that should happen when enter is pressed

Are you using @Taifun 's Textbox Extension ? Cause EnterPressedListener is not working with multi line textboxes and I believe there is no solution for that.


oh yes i’m using his extension :frowning: but is there any other solution or example to create a nice looking textbox where you can write a discription and hide the keyboard with “Enter”, after tipping your
text ?

I want to go to the next textbox or just hide the keyboard

Try On Lost Focus

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