TextToMp3File Extension - An extension to create text-to-speech and save it in mp3 format

TextToMp3File Extension

This extension helps you to convert text to speech speaking into mp3 format.


1. To set pitch rate and speech rate

2. To speak text

3.To save the text in mp3 format
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4. To get filepath and filesize
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5. To stop playing tts
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6. To change the language of tts
Thankyou @FIKIR_KUMESI for the feedback to add this function.

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Note: You will have to give language code in the language . For eg;
NE - Nepali
HI - Hindi
AR - Arabic
You can find here: Locale Language Codes


This extension mayn’t work in the companion apk. You have to build application for that. The minimum api to use this extension is Api 4.

Permissions required:

It required permissions to write and read storage.



The idea of making this extension came to my mind by looking to DeepHost’s extension. Since he doesnt provide any support , I tried to create something like his extension with more functions then boom it is here :sweat_smile: :rofl: .

com.amlin.texttomp3file.aix (10.2 KB)

First thanks to tutorialpoint and stackoverflow, it helped me to make create file block and thanks to Kodular.


nice work!!

nice extension

What languages ​​does it support when reading the text ???

If there are no supported languages ​​other than English, you should increase the number of languages.

thank you


Thankyou for the feedback and response @FIKIR_KUMESI . Now i have added a block (Change Language) to change the language of tts. If this block is not implemented then the default language will be English.

blocks (5)

I will add this block documentation and update the aia as fast as possible.
Thanks a lot.


It is great that it supports all languages ​​I will try it as soon as possible

thank you


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As you may know, I once created a TextToWav extension. I checked your extension, and it creates also just a wav file like mine, just with the ending .mp3. You can check this in any audio editor. Or you can just rename it to .wav and you will see it will work.
Hint: When you want to create a mp3 file you need a library which is very big
(e.g. lame library) because Android doesn’t support encoding to mp3 yet.


@Django_s_Android_App I actually ended the file name with .mp3 extension :wink: . As most of the application that convert tts to .mp3 do the same :blush:

I didnt knew it. Thanks for your response.


Hello thanks for the extension , can you share the apk file?

Can anyone help me how to resume the stopped speech which is stopped by using the block StopPlaying.

Hi Thanks for extension. But I need help for “to save the text in mp3 format” I can’t find the save mp3. how do i load the file? and where does the file storge?