The application is closing. 1.5.3 Fenix Error [solved]

Hello, Kodular has the last update. I produced an app update last night. I updated the application on Google Play. I uploaded it in .aab format. I updated my app on the phone today. I encountered an error.

The application is running. There is a webview on a screen. It also works when I get to that screen. However, when I call a pdf from Google Drive, the application closes. What is the solution to this? There is no screenshot because it does not give an error. The application closes immediately. I am attaching the screenshot I used. I tried the codes with an html. There is no problem in the browser.

Notes :
1- Memu Play companion is also running on the computer. It doesn’t turn off. Pdf file opens. Memu Play > Kodular Companion works on old version. I updated the Companion and now it doesn’t work in the Memu Play companion on the computer. It’s closing. Version: 1.5.3 Fenix
2- The companion on the phone does not work either. Companion is closing.

I found it while trying the solutions in the forum. This solution (web_Viewer => Load HTML problem - #7 by dora_paz) fixed my problem. Thanks @dora_paz

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