The higher the version, the faster

The higher the android version, the faster?

It was choosing from which version of android my application could work and that was where a question arose. If I make my App work in version 4.4.5, will it be slower than in version 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and so on?

What do you think about it and how would it improve or worsen the functions of the app when upgrading or down the version?

Higher MinSDK = you making your app available to people on newer versions of the system.

This has the benefit of making app behaviour more predictable across a wide range of devices, or maybe restricting installations to Android versions with particular features (for example with scoped storage).

In many cases, newer Android versions also mean the device is newer and/or more capable.

The MinSDK does not itself affect performance.


Thanks for your contribution partner. Where can I find more information about the MinSDK? And how can I if it is for kodular or how can I implement it?

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