The lag about the blocks editor

Try using Puffin Browser for PC (Paid)
As the processing is done in cloud

I did not try it

It doesn’t seem like your code is well optimized on the little we can see, secondly how many components do you have, as that can also play a big role on how the blocks perform

its a big project , and i have a lot of component

find a soloution for big project please

i made this application fully on 1 screen . if you made something that we can show screeen inside another screen , maybe my problem is solved.
i make a video of currnt state of application that you see all of my component!

i think this is biggest project ever made in kodular !

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if you want to increase power of kodular make think for big project

Only thing I can suggest is to collapse blocks that you don’t use for slighter better performance

Not sure how much more they can improve it

I’ve seen bigger projects :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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really ? on kodular ? its verry laggy i cant use more block on it!

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You have a 16GB RAM Computer ?? :fearful:

no 24 Gig Ram

also my computer does not use all its resources

I think it’s blockly’s issue

I use firefox insted of chrome ,
its much faster and better

If you want to tackle the lag in the editor, you shall use multiple screens.

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I know it’s off-topic, but can anyone help me and tell me how to do this swipe animations between the arrangements like he done.

I tried to pm him but he didn’t answered

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i answered you

Suggestion to Kodular
The lag may be because of it scans all blocks every second for checking errors or warning
What if we can opt out for checking errors or stop it for some time

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