The operation contains cannot accept the arguments: , [*nothing*] Dynamic Component Extension

Hello Please Help Somebody !!

I am trying " When Any Image Click then Copy the Specific Text "

But Whenever I click The Image It shows me the Following error " The operation contains cannot accept the arguments: , [nothing] "

Please Guys Help Someone !!

Hope So You Will Help !!

Here Is The Error Shows !

Here Is The Block Image

the problem is here in contain block where your are getting component and you are giving its id as a component replace it by get id block

So Please Please Please can You Guide me What Will be the Correct Block

I just Wanna When I click then It Should Copy The Particular Text

Thanks In Advance

Use this block at the place of get component block in contain text

component_method (8)

Its Works But when Click It Copy the Whole Text In data Base

I want to copy the Particular Text

Please Help

Thanks In Advance

Show me your new updated blocks

Here Is the Updated block

Thanks In Advance

tell me what your global position variable contain the problem is ther

Global Position Volue Contain 0 maths Block

That is it how can you give a index 0 to a list

So What Should Be The Volue Instead Of 0

Thanks In Advance

As far I understand what you want
Use these blocks

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A Very Very Big Thanks It Works Absolutely Good As what I want

Once Again Thank You…

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