The second argument to foreach is not a list

Hello guys!

I have already searched here in the community for the solution. Either I didn’t understand or there really isn’t a post that has the solution.

First I removed the slashes, because when I saved in firebase I used the slash separator. I saw this in another post. SEE PIC 1.

The second time kodular says it’s not a list. SEE PIC 2.

I’m trying to display a list and it returns saying the second argument is not a list.

See the blocks and the error. PIC 3.

I appreciate the help.

your data seems to be in json, better parse it into list then try

you can use default web block or can use this extension [Free] Json To Dictionary Extension

Hi @Still-learning !

I tested it using the extension you suggested, but there is no difference in the return. See the figures.
Now follow the example of this guide: `[Preformatted text]

But I was not successful. If you can help me, thank you.

Can you send us your demo AIA either here or in pm? Could be easy to spot the mistake

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@Still-learning attached.

Thank you

multiple screens are there? Do i have to search one by one? :face_exhaling:

Sorry, is the screen’name Listagem.

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