There is a way to remove the titleBar in the listpicker?

when i open list picker i have a blue titleBar in the header, Is it unremovable?
for example i can remove titleBar from screen1 (“title visible” checkbox on/off)

Yes, uncheck title visible will remove your titlebar.
can you share image exactly what you wants to say?

thanks but under list picker properties there is no such option to uncheck title visible.

It’s not visible under listpicker properties it’s visible under the Screen’s (main) properties.

umm… so maybe its a bug because ‘title visible’ is unchecked on screen1.
I thought at first that this title bar is a separate feature just for the listpicker

We will add this in next release


ok thanks!

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When I created the options for the color I didnt add a option to hide it, but as @pavi2410 said we will add this to the next release

with 3.0.2 or another (3.1) version?

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I don’t know. I am working on some school work now, so I don’t have time to add it. Maybe @pavi2410 can add it, but I don’t know whether he has time. So you will see it appear on the next update or the update after that


and there was a status bar too
the status bar was visible too, but when i set my screen1 to disable status bar it become akward