Tic Tac Toe new game in Play Store

Hello guys

I made Tic Tac Toe game and upload that in play store
check it here

and give me some tips which can make my app batter


Nice Ui really looking good…
One more suggestion
Instead of using that cross & zero use any two characters like
Any Avenger Or thanos face or
Batman or Joker…

Because your background is too good so that you can funny characters… @Harpinder_Singh

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Those images are copyrighted and could mean trouble when you put it on Google Play.


Oh yes. Sorry for wrong suggestion. @Peter Thank you
& @Harpinder_Singh You can create your own characters, their story to make it little bit more interesting …

ok thanks for suggestion ill work on it but i found one more thing in it the sound did not turn of even by switching off the button

ill do it in next update
and ill also add a score board for each player

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do you use firebase to link the two players?