TinyDB login screen

I have 5 screens.

  1. User 1 successfully logged in to load screen 1, remember to log in to start the application to load screen 1 without entering user + pass.
  2. User 2 successfully login to load screen 2…The rest of the users are similar.
    So how do I remember the screen of each User. Help me. Thanks.

If user logged in successfully then save the screen name with tinydb db tav value as user name…

So next time if the user try to login, then directly open the saved screen from tinydb

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Try using this :-
After user did login, store a value in TinyDB names as “Login” and make a splash screen ex. screen 1, whenever the screen is initialize, do this :-

Screenshot 2023-06-15 233949

It might help you,
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Rudransh Shukla.

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thanks you

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I can fix it.

Okay Then, Thanks.

One more idea.

  • Firebase I already have Device ID, how to force login on another device to warning the user.

I can’t understand it well, please tell in brief. Thanks.

Do not login into your account on another device.

can you help me?

Block cannot work. Help me. Thanks

Check if the user is already have account then compare his current device id with his old device id if it matches then continue with login otherwise show error that other device detected something.

Please check for yourself, it doesn’t work.

Once the user is logging in, make sure to store user’s device id on any storage such as airtable or google spreadsheet, firebase etc, and whenever they sign in, try this :-

Screenshot 2023-06-16 120958

Thanks. @trung_phan_hoang

Unactive. Help me

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Please view the above reply buddy, Thanks. @trung_phan_hoang

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You see…

I think the blocks you did are totally correct, I am sorry if I am wrong, try testing and letting me know if it’s working perfectly. Thanks.

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