TinyDB the previous value plus the current value

I want to take the first number 1 in TinyDB and take the second number 2 in TinyDB and plus it and show result

Your question is difficult to comprehend.
Can you give an example block to show what you are trying to achieve?

input 1 in TinyDB next input 2 in TinyDB and Plus it and show result

Why you have to store it tinyDB, directly you can add it na…

I have to keep in TinyDB before

Try this,

Use notifier to pop up error in the else block

I need to use one tag.

This block will give instance result.

Thx , I will try

Then is it possible,If i use only one text box.

you said only two variable so iused this. Exactly if you asked you will get solution regarding that… You can add as much as text boxes…

Actually I mean One text box holds the previous values and current values.

Previous value mean, user have to input value then exit. Next time after entering he need to input value then result have to publish, Isn’t?

That’s about it

If so, how you will test it in companion mode?

I want to show result only

Working on it

THX very much :slight_smile:

If it shows any error, pls inform… I dint back test it

I made Calc button hidden mode. If you store any value and the length exceeds 2 mean calc button will pop up. So you can add.

I want you to explain the work of the blog. I want to understand it