.tk Websites/Domains

A lot of community members here have their websites with .tk, while I have mine hosted on WordPress. Some questions that have popped up in my mind:

  • What are the pros and cons?
  • Is .tk free like WordPress? (Googled stuff a bit, looks like this domain is fishy.)
  • Should I get myself a .tk site? If so, how?

Note: At the moment my Developer Account is not linked to a merchant account, and it won’t be until at least March this year. Therefore, I am not making money, and as a result also not getting paid stuff for the foreseeable future.

.tk is a free TLD. You can change your long hello.wordpress.org domain to hello.tk for free (for lifetime)

Get it from freenom.com

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If you are a student, then you can get .me free for a year with Github Student Pack

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You’re sure freenom is free for lifetime, right?

Not freenom, but .tk is.

Well, Freenom allows you to take a domain for a year for free, but you can renew it for free too, so it’s lifetime
There are other 4 domains that are free too

That’s the information I needed. Thanks a bunch! :heart:

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kanishka-developer.ml, up and running! No hassle for the next one year. :smile:

Hmm… How do I get HTTPS instead of HTTP?


…what? :confused:

you only need https, if you are going to ask for data to your users, for example, E-mail address,name,password etc… if you’re not going to ask for data to your users the https could be a headache

Then it’s OK, my site doesn’t take input.

It’s very easy to set up, we use it :sweat_smile: