Which Domain name is best for Individual Work Portfolio? Need Suggestions

I am planning to buy a domain for my own work portfolio and blogs, i searched on google about this but still want to know more from the developers in this community. So kindly provide your suggestions.

Which one -

  • .in
  • .net
  • .xyz

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[ .com domain which i want is not available, that’s why .com is not included ]

if possible kindly comment which and why i choose the suggested domain extension

Thank You

Try .me domian


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I would try another domain with a .com extension. The users normally will remember a .com domain but most of them won’t remember these options you gave. And if one day the domain.com is available again another person may register it and work in a project similar to yours, misleading the users.

.xyz is the cheapest extension if I am not mistaken, so in my country at least they are being very used by spammers. I would never use this extension. The .in is for India, right? If your users will be from there, may be a good choice. Otherwise I would go with .net
PS: If it is your personal portfolio I think Diego had a great idea. A .me domain would be even better than a .com

.me domain name is available, but doesn’t qualify for the offer i am getting from the seller.

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.xyz is the chipset domain available there… It costs only ₹130 (Approx Price; Including tax). Better for new starter.

I saw some posts containing word like ’ cheapest’
What about a free domain name or a subdomain ?

Free domains(mostly) are not SEO friendly and do not have good impact on the service, although they are life saver for starters, even I use them

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same here…

Speaking of your hosting, epizy.com, I suggest you to stay away from InfinityFree. It’s almost fully fake and it’s spyware. We suffered a lot with it, because KodeJam was at first also hosted with it.


Thank you.
But I have not faced any problem with it.
Who knows future


domain extension is decided… i think i will go for the .net. thank you everyone for the votes and reply.