Suggestions for Portfolio

Hello everyone. I am going to create a portfolio and i don’t what are essential elements for a portfolio. Please suggest me or help me please or correct me.

  1. Social Media info
  2. Contact
  3. About .
    I don’t know more so please help me…

Try to set some pics about your skills, completed projects, apks links, any video that describes who you are, better to sit down and creat a selfie video talk about your self your work and all, video is better than written words

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Nice thank you. I really like. But let me know other suggestion also…

in my opinion use images and videos , peoples who don’t like to read a thousand words can watch a 2 minute video easily, your pics describe what you can do and what you have did before so for creating a better image use media ,


Yes you are right bro… Thank you for your valuable suggestions… But my question is thay what will i add in that videos. Just like in one video i will tell them about me what about other videos. @ImranTariq

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Welcome bro

you just have to introduce your self first then about your work, abilities skills and services, 1 video is enough, if possible then create a blog about your self your work and paste link of that blog in portfolio, ther updated images of your work regularly,

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Actually i am creating portfolio using blog only with custom domain. So that’s why i am asking. By the way i got the ans what actually i want.

Thank you brother @ImranTariq

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having a poll is too convenient

If it’s portfolio than About and Contact are necessary with your skills/achievements


Thank you. So what i have to do.Post some videos about me and my skills or just simple post…

playing a video can be bothering for users if it doesn’t suits to website, i recommend you to have progress bar etc to show your skills, but it is your portfolio don’t forget to give it a taste you like:wink:

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thanks Brother…

Check out my portfolio to have a reference

Nice but i am using blog &.

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