Can anyone help me with database

I want to know is there any best website to use database instead of 000webhost for my app

Hello @CJcorp welcome to the community.
You have many database options for apps, but it’s all depended on the use and application according to the requirement of the type of app that you are willing to create. If you provide few more info about the app it’ll help other members to provide you a batter solution.
You can use

  • Firebase
  • Airtable Spreadsheets
  • Google Drive
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Cloudnaty

… and many more.


Also my preference is MySQL but more stable than 000webhost

I am making an online movie streaming app where I show data from database like image when someone clicks on the image the he will be directed to next page

you can search alternates of 00webhost, like this


You can use it has unlimited free bandwidth and etc…

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1 .Infinityfree will reviee your website as if they didn’t find any thing they disable your account

  1. They only except certain bandwidth after crossing that limit per day you account will be suspend for 24 hours.
    Read there terms and policy first
    000webhost is better than Infinityfree as i know for more search there community
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You can buy cheap hosting with high bandwidth

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Can I use if only 5000-6000 people visit my site everyday?

For starting you can use Infinityfree after you gain users you should move to paid hosting

Thanks brother for replying, I am using this only for Payumoney payment many customers will it run properly?

then it works for you because assuming there is less request to server/second and make sure you have ssl also

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Brother, can you give me an answer ?:
is SSL certificate free from here is good for me?

yes this is best and you need to renew it every after 90 days.


Thank u so much…bro​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: