I am using MySQL database for my 100k user in my app

I am using MySQL database and using SQL language for sharing data and inserting data. So Can you tell me before taking any hosting which specification of hosting should I keep in mind before taking any hosting from any hosting provider.

Hostinger ,Hostigator,Cloudways, DreamHost, FastComet …A2 Hosting.
They are among the best. There are others.

I am what feature should be in that hosting Which Ram? What CPU cores for my 100k user


best for your 100k+ users i have

i have 1 millions + downloads :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
don’t ask the apk link its not available on plays store

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Wow great!!! Now I have connected to the right person. Can I ask you more about my sql database

yes please but not here pm me

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Also help me I want right MySQL for my appp

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It is not just memory and cpu friend. Good luck.


Then please me more about I am eager to know more plzz​:pray::pray:

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i will explain more just wait…m replying u on PM

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Sorry for my words I thought you have not understand my language because you are from different country I thought don’t take my words in different way sorry

please reveal your secrets here in the community, so everybody can learn
this is a community about
thank you



I m not using your php file , i am using php methods like login.php,signup.php etc… Which is complx that’s why m not reveal here…


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