Too much crash all kodular apps

When minimize my apps then everything ok, but sometime later when my apps open then my application is crash. (Error message - unable to start screen. Fabric crash ). Please fix this

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Are you using any 3rd party extensions? If yes, then they may cause the crashes.

It may be due to following reasons

  • Android killed it :gun:
  • Lack of RAM
  • Unable to keep running at background

im not sure, but may be.

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You must use close app block to make sure it do not use ram anymore

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No I am not using any extension.

Just by saying this doesn’t make it easy for us to help you to troubleshoot your issue, provide screenshot of your blocks and explain exactly what you do when this happens


I got same fabric crash reports on my Play console

The same applies to you as well, explain you better or do a search in the community

Search for Fabric