Twitter Login/Applying for Twitter developer account(Solved)


Is it possible to create a twitter login, using the twitter component, i think it is possible if base on the blocks, but after signing in twitter developer, they are asking lots of URL for destination and i have no idea for that.

What I have tried

Creating a twitter developer account and plan to get the consumers keys but stock with this page ![image|690x387](upload://8nnJImQezlUZMfZ8RIBe4kBDvtS.png)

Can anyone sahre any content about this or tutorials. Thanks you

After reviewing and spend an hour for twitter documentation, I successfully get my consumers key and token, i just having a hardtime in callback URL, but it was just out of my knowledge that time. Now im ready to try using twitter login, and provide some tutorial soon

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We will wait for your tutorial Mr. consoleheretohelp

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