Unable to compile project

Hello Ariyan,
I too have the same issue while trying to export my application that I’ve been working on, and never faced the issue before. However, the problem started after adding ‘One Signal’ extension, in which it’s been showing “build failed due to error in compilation, not because of error in your project” and showing the same after removing the extension. Moreover, there is no error or warning as I could succesfully export the project without any issue just a few minutes before adding the extension and haven’t made any changes after that. I’m unable to figure out where the problem lies.
So would you be so kind to help me solve my issue…I will be very thankful…
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
Please take a look at my AIA !
Populator.aia (953.2 KB)

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Welcome to community. You had a project within a project

Populator.aia (729.4 KB)

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Thanks a ton for your concern! I’m now able to export and will get back to you after testing the application for a while to make sure everything is fine as it’s a bit complex application…
Meanwhile, Thank you again Mr. Dora!

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Ms or Mrs Dora! :wink: