I need a help ! . Build failed! Error: Your build failed due to an error in the Compile stage, not because of an error in your program

Hello guys , i was working on an application and it’s not exporting from last day … Somebody please help …


show the error log…

what is the size of your aia 7 asset?

How many screens are there?

Iam using 16 screens . Aia size 8.06 mb . Everything were fine till last day .

Have you read or search regarding AAPT error in community? pls try and update your issue… Because multiple issue are there


Yes i’ve read those and tried to fix that issue . But the problem isn’t fixed . Somebody check my aia file please help

project removed
you are not alliqed to upload projects, which contain paid extensions

Multiple screens are detected…


Which is your screens?


If this is old extension mean, your app ownt compile… You need to buy his PAID version extension… also you need to remove unwanted screens and files from external_comp folder

First of all iam a beginner , Iam using paid version of that extension and it is up to date . Iam getting confused when i open the aia on 7zip .

I have a solution, try 4-5 times again and it may work. This also happened with me.

Mark it as a solution if it is helpful for you.

Ok i will try

No it won’t work for you. As i said you should remove extra sec folder from extra_comp. You are having issue of project in project so it throws such error.

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I guess each screen has a SCM file and a BKY file, one for the properties and one for the blocks…

But you are right, some extensions do cause this error. Next time, copy your project, remove the extensions one by one in the replica, compile it and see which extensions cause the error.

Yeah sure . Me too thought the same but when I look the name of each screenshots it shows different names. so he is suffering with project inside project , he was tried to import a screen but unfortunately other screens (only screen files) are added … when i upload the aia, those screens are not visible, except that 15 screens.


Thank you all for helping me . I’ve fixed the issue now everything works fine. :heart:

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