Internal bug error in one of my screen

I done researching some of the topic for internal bug issue, but dont satisfied what exactly im looking for the solution.

Describe your issue
when i click one of my screen, (Screen4) the “internal bug error occurred” … but some of my screen are working fine.

What i did
I just import an extension in Screen3 not in 4.

Please give your thoughts, it just too hard to see your workhard over night and day, will just end in restarting by doing it from the scratch again.

P.S Can’t even compile the app also

Reload creator and then try again.

i done anything bro, refresh the page, sign in and log-out. Still wont work

Similar type of error is shown when you use an extension on any screen but that extension is not in your project.
means there is an unavailable extension in either screen 3 or 4

it is an AAPT Error so you should check your assets carefully.
1 are they too large in size?
2 the name of assets is same but differ in CAPS.

but the affected screen don’t have the extension i imported, its on the other screen, and i itry to check every blocks, in blocks editor but that screen, i cant open it, so i try to delete that extension in my projects, but still the bugs there.Now i understand, thanks for the knowledge, but it so unfair, without any chance to open it or to see the blocks in that specific screen to solve it. Thank you for your thoughts

I will check see it bro, one moment

Then the problem can be due to assets.

hmmm. i will check bro

8.44MB for aia and 15.15MB when compile as app. Nothing more than 678KB image assets and 2.1MB for enternal components as extensions

Please share the error info for your internal error.
Click on “Ok” when the internal error occurs and send the error data here.

one moment. wait

this one is too close. After reviewing the app , i found out the affected screen has an extension where i delete few hours ago and when i load the app, it say failed to load compents (extension). Now im trying import the extension again. and remove that block that i dont need and do it vice versa

and i almost forgot. there no option too touch the affected screen. :smile::smile: cause internal bug error clear the screen, plan failed. Ouch

try removing the extension in aia using winrar and then import the extension.

( in worst cases u may need to delete the entire screen cause it happened with me and this was the only solution to sace my other screens)

Delete the recently imported aix or other file than try.