Unable to fetch user information in Label on the App Home Screen

I am unable to get the required information from my Firebase Database to show on my App Home Screen once the user logs in.

I want:

  1. User’s Name to appear (which is showing in the Firebase Database)
  2. User’s Class to appear (also stored and showing in the Firebase Database)
  3. User’s Mobile Number to Appear (also stored and showing in the Firebase Database as well as TinyDB Database)

Now, the thing is - I am able to see User’s Class as well as Mobile Number on the Home Screen, but I am unable to see the User’s Name, even though I have applied the same logic for all three of them.
I am also attaching pictures of my Block and Firebase DB for reference.

Kindly check and help.block firebase

Your got value blocks are wrong.

When you call multiple values by using single db component then use if, then and else, if, then conditions to compare data with tags and get them.

Try this

When got value
If get tag = Name
Then set Name label text to get value
Else if get tag = class
Then set class label text to get value

You have some error in your block !
First call to get firebase tag one for time.
Next on get value you need know which tag are value

blocks (17)

blocks (18)

This is the right way to call to firebase and get value for each tag.
Thinks if you need to call to get value for 10 or more tag at the same time ?? you app freezer to get the values

I tried both the solutions. But it is still not working.

Show us what u tried. Any error message?

Also show your firebase db component properties from Kodular designer.

Please check Proyect Bucket URL
Proyect Bucket = UserAuthentication/

Sorry I forgot to ask you, change the rules of firebase database to get the access ??