Unable to Import THUNKABLE Project in Makeroid

When i try to upload my thunkable .aia file to makeroid, It gets uploaded but it doesn’t opens. It only says Now Loading and doesn’t happen anything.

is your app contain monetization components?

The loading dialog is a known bug. It will be fixed in the next release

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@Sander i think this never happens on me

First go to Thunkble and remove the components that you have used in your app but they are not available in Makeroid. Remove ad mob components like banner ads and more.

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No it doesnt have any monetization components

than try @C,J’s solution

But it doesn’t has components which are different or not available on makeroid and also it doesn’t has any admob banner,etc.

can you tell me which components are used in your app? any extensions?

so you mean this is a loading problem.
loading problem only can happen if your project was big and have to many blocks and it can happen if you have slow internet connection,

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Thanks! It’s Now resolved.

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