How to Upload Thunkable aia?

How to Upload Thunkable aia ?

There are no option to upload aia

First go inside an existing project then do


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If I Want to update app in play store then Can I do Import Keystore ?

Yes you should be able to

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This problem

Just press cancel

Then components become invisible …

Clear cache, restart browser, that doesnt work, restart everything in your home

Problem is … I used Google Spreadsheet in thunkable but in Makeroid have no Spreadsheet Component

Don’t come to Makeroid with Thunkable components, they don’t work

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But I already Published my app in play store

There are any Spreadsheet extension free ?

No, there is not… Just stay with Thunkable. Builder other apps, Better Apps… With Makeroid and you’ll be awesome like idk 1,2,3