Thunkable to Makeroid

I have developed an app with thunkable which is already on play store. Now I want to update this app with makeroid. Is it possible? As i know that if i import my project on makeroid, the keystore will be changed. What should i do for this ?

In Thunkable export your keystore. And then import that keystore in Makeroid. Set a custom package name in your app on Makeroid. Make sure it is the same as your current package name


Thanks. It works

but there is a peoblem in thunkable package name starts from com. so if use this in makeroid admob ads does not load but if we use io. then it works

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Not so, I have created some apps, which have been customized package name, which Start From com. Their Is no Isuue with app & Also Ads Are Showing Correctly Withouy Any Issue.

Yes, I am facing this same issue. I imported app aia from Thunkable and now my app is not displaying admobs added from makeroid. Is there any solution? as the app is live on PlayStore.

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