Unable to package AAB

I want to Package .aab of my project. after 85% shown this error

Kindly tell me why this was happening and how to fix this error
thank you

Apk compiles fine ? If yes retry to build aab again

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yes apk compiled fine… I tried around 20 times but every time it shows the error during .aab

For me it works. Failed on first attempt, compiled fine on second

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Any Idea ? what should I do now?

Someone help me please… still have the same problem

Have you tried exiting the project, opening it again and compiling?

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Yes many times. Actually from yesterday I am trying to compile and many times I reopen that project. Also I export the aia and import, compiled again the result was an error always.:weary:

Have you tried “save project as”, or if it is not published, export and import project?

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if problem is not solved and apk is compiling successfully you can convert your apk to aab by simply using telegram bot @apktoaabbot then sign your aab with kodular keystore so that u can publish to play store make sure to release application in alpha or beta testing, and make sure to sign your aab with your kodular keystore

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Okk I will try it… but is it a safe way to publishing in playstore ?

yess I have used this bot to convert into aab and also published app in open testing currently their are no issues, just release in testing, test each and every part your application when u r satisfied release it to production, and make sure to sign your aab with kodular keystore, their are many guides for signing aab and apk in community

Ok thanks a lot for suggestion

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Thanks buddy its work… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you for your valuable suggestion. if the save project as method not worked then I definitely go for the telegram bot. thank you so much

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I need to sign the abb now if I got the abb from kodular ?

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