Unable to upload on cloudinary, returning blank URL

I’m trying to upload an image on cloudinary but it is returning a blank URL after media uploaded.

My blocks
blocks (16) blocks (17)

The media uploaded block is getting executed but is returning blank URL

Are you using two cloudinary??

It is uploading when i choose from the image picker(selection) but not after being cropped.

first chech What the cropview1 returns in uri

the file loaction

post your full blocks

blocks (19)

The upload media is working in this block but not in the earlier blocks i posted.

have u printed the uri in a label if not then do it and also is it showing the image

yes it is showing the image perfectly fine

have u try this

yes, it gives the location of the image

and what is it returning in image picker

Should I try the folder name without space?

See I pick a image from tha image picker
It displays on the vertical arrangement where I can crop it then i save the cropped image and
when the uri is returned i upload it to cloudinary

Worked like a charm, i renamed the folder without any space.

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