Unlimited Free Storage For Media Files (Image & Short Videos)

I don’t know if you know about this service or not but you can store both image and video file and other files for free. just signup and create a text channel. and upload your files. And that service is Discord. this software is mostly used by gamers to chat with each others while playing games.

Max File Upload Size is - 8 MB on free version
You can do many things here -

  • Free Unlimited Voice Call
  • Free Unlimited group Call (Unlimited members)
  • Free Video Call
  • Screen Share

Download Discord - Discord - Downloads

Click on the link below to know how to setup Discord.

Process -

  • Download The Discord App in your Desktop
  • Create a Server,
  • Add a Text Channel and Start Uploading Your Media Files,
  • After Upload Click on Any Media File (Image) and Right click & select Copy link,
  • Use that copied link to access that image in your app

I have added 2 sample mobile imaged i have uploaded in my server and called it here by url.

I Hope this information is useful for some users.
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Thank You.

Sample Images I Uploaded On Discord

Note - Discord is not a media storage platform. Use it at your own risk.


Maybe add this:


Wow… I have been using Discord for years but don’t know why I don’t get this idea first :grimacing: thank you very much for this.


Is it like cloudinary ?
Means it has an api or not.
As cloudinary is limited and I need a large storage database for ’ free ’


it does not have a api and limit :smile: just upload,copy url and use it.

conclusion: it is not a storage platform but a social media, we just can use it as storage


No API, total free, its a social media application so the look is totally different than cloudinary.

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Thank you @techcvr and @David for clearing my doubts.
So I have to manually upload cloudinary images and videos to Discord and add URL to MySql.

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Please do not Misuse a Service. Discord is not meant for file Storage, it’s for Gamers by Gamers. If Everyone starts abusing the system it may cause Server issues due to bandwidth. It can also affect Ping, We need the ping to be low in order to communicate in realtime. It can also affect the competitive scene as well

i don’t think uploading file will effect the ping. if you are anyone is concern for this then not using discord will solver it

Have you Tried to upload images through kodular app to Discord Server.

I Don’t think Discord get affected. because now a day its very big service. and used & Accessed data by Millions of People Daily.

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no… i dont think its possible now…

Can we also store PDF files there ?

Yes you can upload pdf but remember the size limit is 8mb per file​:man_shrugging: