Can we use kodular community as a media storage😄😄

Please don’t be angry just to ask is it possible to use community media storage to store media or if @Kodular can create his own storage to store media better than cloudinary and firebase and if possible than database like firebase it would be secure if kodular creates his own database.

I haven’t checked but, why don’t you use or Apple iCloud

In app upload and receive

Use AWS I tried Little difficult Kodular uses AWS S3 For Storage

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Discord might be very good for you

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I don’t know how to use it

All About Api’s Go create a free account In aws And Try

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ok sure ill try

First question i can think of is, would you be willing to pay for such a service? I am not a dev so can not speak for them but i think if something like this would be available it would cost money. You are asking for a new cloudinary or firebase. It would take a lot om (wo)manpower and (wo)manhours to make it work and keep it running.

I guess you want if for free if you want to use the community? But that is not what the community is for.


I was just asking don’t take it seriously :unamused: :neutral_face:

Not new cloudinary or firebase but kodulars own services because firebase is not secure and cloudinary won’t store files just images videos and audio.

Still the same question?


And that kind of hours then couldn’t be spend on developing Kodular.

You mean you are looking for secure cloud storage ??

Yes I would if it would be reasonable and satisfactory

yes something like drive it would be easy if kodular would have component

Oh ! Let me google it.

logo google GIF

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Why not make own db on server and storage

I don’t know how to created otherwise I have been created own
And not just to upload media need to call back in app too

Yes both will work.
If you want pm me for more details

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Hey you can use media fire as FTP server because at $5 with 1 TB storage and I am also using media fire because media fire can handle any amount of traffic and direct download also support for paid member and I am also member of media fire