Update notification not working properly

somebody help me to solve my problem.
i am trying to add update feature, but whenever i use my concept it is not working. i used firebase, notifier. when app open it will pop a message box when update available. but in my case it pop everytime. i am attaching a sample aia here.
so please help me. i watched many youtube videos and i am also doing the same thing but it is not working. please check and tell me where i am doing mistake.UpdateApp.aia (2.1 KB) UpdateApp.aia (2.1 KB) updateapp-firebase

Hi @Homeo_Veda welcome to Kodular Community

This one can help you-

But unfortunately AIA file is not available.

Hi @Homeo_Veda , I have used this feature on my app & it’s working really well. I can’t send you aia, but can send screenshots of codes. Wait for a few moment.


@Homeo_Veda Here is the same! :relaxed:



Hope we were able to fix your issue! Cheers.

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By the way! What was that special tool?! :sweat_smile:

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special tool extension…

StanderdTool.aix (640.5 KB)

Why we need this? As we have inbuilt one!

i like it. & component create prblm so thats y i m using it…

Thanks everyone for spending your valuable time with me. i just found my error next night to when i post query here. So i solved this by just a simple idea, i put name in lower case and then problem solved.