Updated : Cherry Player : Extremely Professional Music Streamer

What is the name of your app?

Cherry Player v1.2

Describe your app:

Extremely Professional Music Player from Your Own Server (using mysql)

+mysql database
+php admin pannel ( download & manage music
+jwt api (postman collection)
+download music & play offline

#over 2000 blocks code

Ver : 1.2


App Store/Download link:

options :

1-easyily connect to your mysql
2-automatically reading metadata of mp3 files from Music Folder of server and add their data in Mysql
3- Streaming with Correct Played Timed (tnx to Profile - Kus_Zab - Community)
4-working Slide to poisition
5-working download option
6-search in artist , titles , albums , …
using Stream Audio Player extension by Kus zab
& more…

apk test file :

Cherry_Player v12.apk (6.5 MB)

AIA file (Optional)

if u want full project ( aia file, admin pannel ,api, ) tell me your price in whatsapp

Special Thanks for their help:


and also this Community :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Your app is great. I think you need to work on Icons which are of random sizes which effects your app UI.

link updated with better UI design and icon size. please give me your feedback.

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You can use this for the slider


It works excellently and fulfills the two functions


tnx . i will be using this

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I use it in my application and it works excellent!


Are u using it with exo player component?

no with stream player of kuszab , and in next version exo player of kus zab :wink:

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I am asking to him kallysmashupuruguay

I have not tried ExoPlayer yet, but I think it works.

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No its not because of the exoplayer issues in terms of resume option.

Does ExoPlayer have asynchronous function?

??? :thinking:

I don’t have much idea about exo player.

Me neither :joy:

Sorry my bad english

English is just a medium of communication so here it serves its main purpose.

You should open/keep on your own thread about this issue cause this one is to show @amirh_mrt’s player.

i have tested this in kodular , it has a bug on it . but in appybuilder its work fine

in kodular :
when want to change thumb position from user , its goes to a diffrent position.

i tested in both app makers website :wink:

have a good time :wink:

In Kodular use Player.Stop instead of Player.Pause, there is a glitch in the seek if you don’t Stop Player first.

SliderTools.aia (1.4 MB)


tnx , its working now ( with stop function )

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