Uploading my App to google playstore

Please can I ask help?

Now I want to publish my news app to google play store, but at the point of uploading my .aab file it showed this error below. I didn’t see a place to upload the apk as it only requested for .aab

Please I need help? What do I need to do? I am totally new to this app development world. thanks.

i think you should paste your own fingerprint key

Did you changed your creator account before exporting it? if yes than use your old creator or import the old key to new creator account .

How do I get that and where do I paste it please?

I did not change my creator account and I just created the app

Please what are the normal steps to publishing an app now to google playstore? am I to upload .apk or .aab?

All guide I see in this community says apk, but I can’t find where to upload apk. what I see where to upload .aab only.

You can now upload only aab files and it’s good for app optimizations.

Is it a new app or are you trying to update an existing app?

Please it is a totally new App

Since you got this message

you are apparently trying to update an existing app. How (as APK or AAB) and when was this app uploaded?


So there should be an existing app that you already uploaded.

Go to grafik take a screenshot and post it.

For a new app, see here:

Your example is for MIT not Kodular. This is how Kodular shows projects
project options

How do I Export the keystore in Kodular?

To export keystore in Kodular - go to account - Preferences - export keystore

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So what?
And how about replying to my posts?

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So sorry for my delay in reply. pardon me please my network here has been terrible

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The .aab successfully uploaded. Thanks Just that I am still trying now to publish as I was mandated to do testing of the app first.

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Upload the AAB first as an internal test track. This way you can check the Pre-Launch-Report later (maybe after an hour) and see which errors / issues were found by Google’s test devices.

I’ve never published an app on the Play Store without at least one Pre-Launch Report.

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These are the pre launch release reports. What do you think about it and what next step should I take since I have already clicked on rollout?

Thanks a lot