Urgent Help from custom webview Developer

Hi Koders, I wanted to contact the Kodular Developer who made the webviewer component as I have created a video conferecing app in html and I am displaying it in my app using web viewer. All the features like mute, unmute , leave, raise hand , chatting are working but, The screen sharing option isn’t working. Please tell me how to solve it as you all may understand the need of screen sharing in modern Video conferencing apps. Please tell me either the permission for screen share as I browse the internet a lot but, never found any such permission or please tell me a working solution.

Kodular Lover,

u need to use custom webview :sweat_smile:


I am having problem in the custom web view extension only


But, It doesn’t demand any permissions

I aceess the same with web browser and it works

I wanted to talk to the developer of custom webview extension but, I can’t talk to him as he is suspended until 20 August 2021

You can ask him in the AI2 forum.

oh what’s that, I came to know about it today only :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

as you found out yourself the author of the extension has been suspended in this community…
for questions about the extension, please ask on his webpage here


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