URLS - Shorten/Expand url

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URLS is an app which shortens long url and expands short url in original form.
It is very useful when you want to shorten a url and make it secured.
Also you can decode or expand an url to its original form.


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AIA file (Optional)



I think you must need permission for using Bit.ly

Which permission?
I have registered my app and has a generic access token.

So why I need permission?


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In my bitly account.

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Hi! can you share the aia file for this? thanks

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Sure but after releasing next version.
Coming soon…

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Check the video.
You can find aia in description but you have to watch full video to know how to register your app and generate both the Access Token and GUID required by the App
Read this for more help
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Is there is any limit for api

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