In-app url shortener

do you know an extension to shorten urls directly in the app? there is one that shortens the links with Google, but it is deprecated and does not work. any of you know?

did you try the Google URL Shortener/Unshortener Extension by @Mika downloadable from here?
taken from the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


hey @Taifun just to let you know that now the extension does not work because is closed
and @lleggend see this - URLS - Shorten/Expand url , Guide to use Bitly URL Shortener in Kodular Apps | Bitly API V4 , URL Shortener App


Might be a great idea for @ExtensionDevelopers

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Am not sure if anyone else is working on it, but am working on a extension that has various blocks, url shortening is one of its part.


i try…