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URL Shortener

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Convert Long Links into Short Links within couple of seconds.

Features :

  • Easily shorten URLs without any need of an account.
  • Share the short links with one tap
  • Add important URLs to favorites
  • History of Short Links
  • Directly share URLs from other apps to this app to get them shortened
  • One-click easy copying
  • Completely free


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Shortner.apk (6.1 MB)

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Good Job… Keep it up…

Thanks @Alapjeet

Little notes
1- Download the application to the cloud upload service
2- Improving the user interface more

Wonderful application I will try it

I will upload it and apk download link will be update after that.

Will be improve in next update.

Thanks @salem_m_s2021

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Very nice application

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Nice app, Btw One suggestions

In that drop-down list set the item’s to left.

Good work. :ok_hand:

I think drop down items to right comfortable than left that’s why I add it to right but thanks for your suggestion. I will add it in next update.