Use and Android app as Web App

How can I convert an app created with Kodular (so for Android) to a Web app (so i can use the app directly from the web)??


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Learn HTML, JS, CSS. Once you know them, take each block of code on your app and write them in the three languages.

I think things on the web are websites and not apps


it isn’t solving…
@AndreAC10 idk but try and use the apk
and put it in a webviewer and code it from js

hello you can do this using thunkable x but the user interface is very bad

Do the same application you made with kodular io, then print out the application you made as a web application, I do not guarantee, but if you say how it is easiest, you can use thunkable x and I think it will work for you because you can also get apple output and android output. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:
You may get an error while outputting the application thunkable x servers are very sensitive in this regard.
However, to create a web application, you must get a thunkable x pro membership, which costs $ 21.

thank you


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