Value for key in dictionary problem after refreshing the screen

Hi everyone!
Please, some help here because I’m getting mad!
Somebody knows why is this happening?

It only happens when the screen is refreshed. Before refreshing the procedure works nice.
Why is not getting the corresponding value to the key?

Is your variable idRutinaEditada is a Number or a String, i think these block clearly describe why you should use a String for your Key parameter , if you dictionary tag is a string:

Sorry for the image quality


@Mohamed_Tamer It showed you how we should do it when we encounter this situation: make different attempts.

He made the 4 options:
numeric parameter and numeric key;
numeric parameter and string key;
string parameter and string Key ;
string parameter and numeric Key.

Edit : Now he has changed the images
:joy: :grinning: :joy: :joy:

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I’ve changed them again :upside_down_face: Was just checking something was the last attempt :grin:Now it’s correct.

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where do you set the values to these global variables?
especially IndexRutina


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The IndexRutina is generated like an interger but the dictionary of id and names is the same and before refreshing the screen it works well but after regeneration it doesn’t.
But @Mohamed_Tamer answer is for sure the clue, because there are strings and intergers mixed and something is not working correctly.
Thanks you all!!

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