Vertical Arrangement Scroll not work(when isCard property is turned on)

i am new to kodular and i face that Vertical Arrangement Scroll not work

Use vertical scroll arrangement

Yes dear i use vertical scroll arrangement

When i use clickable button on vertical scroll arrangement it will not work

Ohh !
Perhaps you’ve mistaken somewhere…
can you share some screenshots of your design ?? Perhaps Blocks Also

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try setting is card property to false…
when you turn the is card property to true then the arrangement doesn’t scroll

I think it’s a bug.

should work with this

it’s not working after false is card

Can you share the apk? (after is card is false)


i am sorry but i cant share my apk publically

You can share it on PM

how can i share

Click here :point_right:@OfficialDjJohn:point_left: and click Message.


ok wait i will send

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