Can't scroll in VerticalScrollArrangement when "is card" property is enabled

Don’t know whether it is a bug, it works like that or i am doing something wrong but i am unable to scroll in VerticalScrollArrangement when “is card” property is enabled.
The screenshot of my Designer view:

I have also created a test apk :
a.apk (4.1 MB)

P.S : If it’s not a bug and it works just like that only, then please do add (if possible) that feature of scrolling in VerticalScrollArrangement when “is card” property is enabled.!


Developers check this. It’s been 5 days but no reply.

  1. Don’t tag Kodular Staff, they already trying to look every topic. So it is not necessary to tag them.
  2. Use other things (components, logic etc.) until staff seeing that. Don’t wait for fix. You can use alternative things.

Send your aia and I will test it here.

yes you are right and its not any bug i think scrollable function is not available when card view property is enabled

I would like to suggest this feature too and yes nowaday scollable function is not working when Card view On

what you thought we didnt try that…
we post only that problem which are not easy

@Shubham_Chaudhary im talking about this

well u tried that’s good. and thanks for letting me know. P.S deleted my reply (my bad sorry.)

hi, how about this feature?