Vertical Scroll Handler extension not to move a vertical scroll arrangement but a defilant screen


is there a way to use Vertical Scroll Handler extension, not to move a vertical scroll arrangement… but a defilant screen ? move the entire screen down to a specific place ?

What you are trying to do? What do you mean by moving a screen to specific place? Do you means moving layouts?

I d like to scroll down the screen (wich is in defilant mode), there are many vertical arrangements (with one button by vertical arrancement)…and i want, when i push their buttons (wich are at the top of the screen), to scroll the screen, making the choised vertical arrangement be at the top of the screen .

send some screenshots of what you want to make!

Let’s take the example of the “données techniques” button at the top right. When I click on this button, a vertical arrangement panel becomes visible. We can see that it is visible but at the bottom of the screen. I would like the entire screen to go up so that this panel is at the top. Don t forget that the screen is on defilant mode and there are many other pannels like this in my app, i will do the same thing when this one will be ok.