VerticalArrangement Do It Result: false

I created the block below and I don’t understand why the result is declared false. It is a “VerticalArrangement” component.

Maybe I’m completely screwed, but I can’t make sense of it.

What is my failing here?

What ate you trying to achieve?? Move the second block out of the yellow event and try


Thanks for your reply!

I want two of the three arrangements to become invisible and the selected “Team” arrangement to become visible. That’s how I learned it and it’s always worked that way, I’ve been using Any component this way for years.

I’ve implemented your suggestion, but the problem persists.

Main Problem is: Why is the component block a boolean?

Yeah, it is confusing me too. Let me try from my side

But working fine for me…

I made another block, now it works:


But I am sure, it should work with make a list in “for each item in list”-block.