[Navigation] Vertical Arrangement with click from sidebar menu

Hi guys, this is my second topic I created along use this platform.


I am creating a simple app, using several vertical arrangements (VA) in this case I am using 10 VA(s). I expected to set VA visibility to "true" when menu on menu item is clicked.  But I got error 

this what i’ve tried so far.

Block to set menu items to sidebar menu.

Block assign VA(s) to list in a variable
blocks (25)

Block to try catch when item is clicked based on title, the VA(s) with same title, set visibility to “true”

This is an error I got from these blocks
Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 14.15.24

I do appreciate to someone help my trouble.

Why are you using an advanced on menu item click event?
You can’t remove some text like va_ from a component
Generally use Do it to debug your blocks


what should I do, to achieve mine. Then?

Use the normal on menu item click event
And in case you need further help, elaborate what you are trying to do and post an updated screenshot of your relevant blocks

i’ll try as soon as possible

after I try your block, i got this error

check your blocks carefully, or upload an image of them