Very strange error, Firebase

i am very surprised because : i have a good app and it working perfecly. but my firebase’s rules are “bad” i need to change them, so i create a new one and my app isn’t working now, the rules are : test so everyone with the link can go inside (on my app it will working but not). When you are starting t he app, you have the sign in with you’ google account and put a message on the chat_view but nothing (and the error is : google. i know that because the provider said it to me)

someon has an idea? i can put my apk or aia here :

I suggest remove your aia file contains personal information (access to your firebase. This is not allowed). Please post some blocks, screenshot o video about your problem.
Anyway you can take a look to this documentations for firebase:

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Hi, i removed it. So, i already check the docs (before write this post) and nothing…Actually, this the authentifcation with the firebase : here is my block :1 2 i have a lot of blocks, but as this is the authentification…