Bug firebase auth

my firebase is buggy whenever i put firebase authentication it bugs and crashes my app and only has it on the screen it has neither storage nor realtime but still crashes

Is the JSON file present?
Do you compile to apk and check?

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Did you check firebase rule? Is your aia file contain well structured firebase?

Everything fine mean, download your project as aia and delete the existing one. Then re upload it and check

Yes the json is in the project and already compiled the application several times and whenever i took the firebase auth not crashava

Can you share us the error

yes I already downloaded the ia and made another app of the same more anyway continues the error ie and something in the app and not in kodular

the error and that at the time it enters the screen where the firebase auth appears “the application stopped working”

Any special extension using in the app??

Search_view FirebaseStorage Custom_ListView

No issue here, if possible, if shares your aia we can check up.

McPlug (1).aia (1.7 MB)

1.7MB?? Any ad component?? How much files in asset?

has so ad and mt screen because the application is very complex using also firebase and airtable

i need extension for firebase auth

Let me see your aia Tm. I m away from pc. Meanwhile others may solve your problem soon.

I feel, n screen1 itself logic is missing… If particular tag of the fb have no value mean it will open the screen versa, But how can i store that value, also you are trying to open Login when clock timer,… Suppose if fb consume some time then app take to log in screen eventhough fb have values…

Here instead of using in clock timer, why dont you bring it under else block.

Also when the user can store the fb value in the project bucket versao?

Are you left purposely some blocks empty or not…
I tried in companion mode, App goes to the screen login only. There is no proper rule to move from login to someother screen. google-services .json file pakka. No issue with that. Also check up what type rule you designed in fb… I didnt find any fb rule error… So no authenticated rules you specified…

Also i dont know the language you used, so if understand wrongly pls excuse me.

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